piece of mind/peace of mind

The human capacity to achieve what was once deemed impossible is simply amazing. As we get older, and by we,the citizens of this world, need to realize that in order to help each other we need to find ourself first. This is something everyone knows but what I mean, is to understand rather than know who we truly are because there is no denying that in every person, there are many degrees and variations of one’s self. 

Ill be turning a quarter of a century old in approximately one month and for the longest time I “thought” that life was simple and easy but nothing more proved the contrary. (could this be a sign of a quarter life crisis?)

But then I remembered. 

I realized that life’s single most consistent paradigm is change. Change is what defines and molds us into who we will one day become, or at least for that time being. Change is inevitable, so embrace it and never stop learning.